Issue of a replacement passport/travel document (Duplicate) Issue of a replacement passport/travel document (Duplicate)

Issue of a replacement passport/travel document (Duplicate)

Consulate General of India, Geneva
Issue of Replacement Passports/Travel Documents

Issue of a replacement passport/travel document in lieu of lost/stolen/damaged passport

Note: Applicant has to come in person for an interview by the Passport Officer

 (a) If you are on a short visit or hold work permit or if you are a student, requirements are:-

  • Four, latest, identical coloured photographs (5cmX5cm with light coloured background).

  • Documentary proof of your legal stay/status in Switzerland.

  • Proof of your identity (with photo) e.g. driving license, voter registration card, employer’s certificate, certificate from the education institution etc.

  • Police report (in original) of loss of passport ( Download Police Report Form)

  • Affidavit in the prescribed format sworn before a Notary Public (Consular Officer) ( Download Affidavit Form )
    (Affidavit can be prepared in the Consulate general of India for which additional fee of CHF 27.00 will be charged)

  • Photocopy of your lost/stolen passport (relevant pages if available)
    If not, provide available details like passport no., place of issue etc.

  (b)   If you are a resident of Switzerland, the following documents are also required in addition to the above:
  • Proof of address in the Switzerland. (gas/telephone bill/bank statement etc.).

  • Letter from the Swiss authorities confirming non-acquisition of Swiss nationality.

 In case full particulars of the lost/stolen passport/travel documents are not known the following documents also may be provided:-

Personal Particulars form for Police verification ( Download Police Verification Form )


Duplicate Passport containing 36 pages in lieu of Ordinary passport lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed.
CHF 250.00

Note: In case applicant seeks issue of passport immediately for purposes of travel, temporary passport valid for upto 6 months only will be issued. Regular machine readable passports will take 3-4 weeks to process.