Ashes/human remains certificates Ashes/human remains certificates

Ashes/human remains certificates

Consulate General of India, Geneva
Ashes / Human remains certificates

  • Ashes / human remains certificates 

    • Application form for miscellaneous services (to be filled in by the person accompanying the ashes / remains)
      (Download Application form for miscellaneous services)

    • Death certificate from the relevant Local Authority

    • Cremation certificate

    • Transportation certificate from the relevant local authority.

    • Certificate from the undertaker confirming that the urn contains ashes of the deceased person

    • Doctor's Free from infections certificate

    • Valid passport of applicant taking the ashes

NOTE1: If the deceased person held an Indian passport, the same may be brought to the Consulate General for cancellation.

NOTE 2: The above certificates should be first attested by the notary public and then by the Chancery of State (No. 2, Hotel de Ville, Geneva)

NOTE 3: Certificates in languages other than English are required to be translated by official translator.

  • Fee

        For attesting certificates - CHF 19 + CHF 2.