Requirements for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Physical presence at the Consulate of India, Geneva is necessary along with one witness (carrying his/her ID).

An Affidavit to be duly filled in at the Embassy and signed in the presence of the Consular Officer.

Original Indian Passport with a complete set of copy from cover to cover (i.e. Copy of All pages).

Original Passport of the newly acquired Nationality with copy of first page.

A copy of the Residence Permit (Except Swiss nationals) with original for scrutiny

A copy of the Naturalization Certificate with date of Acquisition of Citizenship.

A fee of CHF 89 if the individual has acquired citizenship after 01.06.2010 and CHF 24 would be applicable for those who have acquired citizenship before 01.06.2010.

Penalties will be imposed for retaining the passport and travelling on the Indian passport after attaining the citizenship of another country. This will be assessed at the Embassy on scrutiny of the documents submitted. The penalties will be in addition to Renunciation fee of CHF 343.- or CHF. 25.- as stipulated at Para 7 above. In case of penalties, an additional Service charges of CHF 25,-  is payable. Penalties are subject to Exchange Rates fixed by Government of India.

A grace period of three months is allowed from the date of acquisition of foreicn citizenship for the purpose of travel on India passport. Therefore, no penalty will be levied for travel on Indian passport within three months of acquisition of foreign citizenship

Fee should be deposited in UBS Account no. 240-401506.03D (IBAN NO. CH16 0024 0240 4015 0603 D) of Permanent Mission of India, Through online bank transfer only, Bank charges to be borne by applicant/ other mode of payments are not acceptable. Service would be rendered after confirmation to be borne by applicant.

Apart from fees, an amount of CHF 2.00 towards Consular Surcharge as indicated below may be deposited in UBS Account No. 240-401506.01N (IBAN NO. CH05 0024 0240 4015 0601 N)