Statement by India at the 71st World Health Assembly (21-26 May 2018) on Agenda Item: 11.4 – Health, Environment and Climate Change

Statement by India >at the 71>st> World Health Assembly (21-26 May 2018) on Agenda Item: 11.4 – Health, Environment and Climate Change

Mr. Chair,

In consonance with the goal of “health in all policies”, we agree that it is imperative to measure environment and climate change determinants in all impact assessments. Government of India has prioritized and already initiated measures accordingly. Climate change is monitored by the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change. It has identified 12 missions which include ‘Mission on Health’.

We have prepared a draft National Action Plan on Climate Change and Human Health. Efforts are on to encourage States to draft their State specific plans for climate change and human health.

Mr. Chair,

India agrees that there is a need for a flagship initiative to address health effect of climate change in small island developing states and vulnerable situations. We reiterate that India being a diverse country has many vulnerable regions and ecosystems such as Sunderbans, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Himalayan region etc. Such country specific vulnerable settings and situations should also be a part of this flagship initiative.

We would like to suggest WHO to prioritize and support member countries on the following aspects 

Mainstreaming environment risk factors like air pollution and climate change in the existing policy framework to catalyse multisectoral action

To develop a research agenda to generate scientific evidences on the link between environmental risk factors and health

To coordinate and ensure that health is properly represented in climate change agenda and

Capacity building for public health practitioners to reduce health vulnerability to climate change.

Thank You.

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